Location Scouting @ Horgen, Switzerland

I guess it’s about time I post again… I decided to dig deeper into landscape photography for a while.

I found this spot on a walk with the dog. It’s located near Horgen at the Lake Zurich. I was fascinated by the shape of the gnarly tree and I think it is definitely worth coming back. The sun should be in the back at the evening and if the air is clear, one should be able to see the mountains in the background that are now hidden in the low clouds.

I hope the fallen branch that was torn off during the recent winter storm will still be there., as it really adds to the scene. Oh, and if it would have blossoms in Spring I would love the scene even more!

Gnarly tree @ Horgen

Die Stelle sollte Abendsonne haben und bei klarem Wetter sieht man die Berge. Ob der Baum auch noch blüht? Das wäre natürlich auch noch ein Bonus…


Stuff boys dream of

Men are simple beings. So simple, that reading our minds is no big thing, everybody can do it. I mean, look at these two guys, just have look at their face and you know what they are dreaming of.

The one on the right is admiring the simple yet beautiful lines of the bike. And a beauty she is, there is no doubt. Sleek, compact, oozing power, no matter where you look. He sees himself grab the handlebar, and almost feels the vibrtions ofthe bike shaking his body as he unleashes its raw power.

The other one? He’s probably imagining how he and his girlfriend ride the bike on alpine roads, how she hugs him from behind, how she clings to him, how he feels her soft …. hold on, there is no back seat!

So you see, it’s easy to get boys dreaming and read their minds.

I on the other side, I am a grown man, calm, relaxeds, one could even say I’m wise. There is no way I would get carried away by just a piece of rubber and metal. I am ….

Hold on, did you see that bike over there? God, let me sit on it, just for a moment, I’ll be right back!

I’ll get that guy in front of me, just wait! After the next bend you’ll eat my duuuuuust!


Tranquility. Relaxation. Meditation.

No matter how you call it, if you would ask somebody what is essential, when you try to achieve it, most would probably say that you need to be at a quiet place, so you can listen into yourself. And you would probably be  right about it. Silence does help, when you try to relax and be one with yourself.

However, I found something else that helps me to calm my mind. It’s water. It doesn’t matter if it is the sound of water dripping from leaves, the sound of waves at a beach or the murmuring sound of a little river. I simply sit down, listen to it and feelhow my breath and heart are slowing down. It’s almost like magic. and I love it☺

And so it is probably not surprising, that I sometimes like to take long exposure shots, as it almost always involves water and time. Loug exposure photography is a very slow process after all.

The shot abovehas been taken at the Foroglio watefall in Switzerland on a very cold morning. But despite the cold it was a very pleasant, relaxating experience.

What are your travel plans?

For the first time in years it is January and I have no idea, where I will spend my vacation. Maybe it is time to start planning? Do you already know, where you plan to go? I hope it will be a dream location and a dream vacation!

when planning vacation there is of course always the question whether I would like to revisit a place I have been already or venture into a new place. For a photographer, it is at least an easy thing to decide where we would like to be once again. After all, we have our vast photo library and it is of course well organized. So is yours, isn’t it? (If not, why not spend a few rainy days doing that?)

Maybe a short trip to Provence, France? It is a lovely place, very mediterranean, sunny, friendly people, good food and as you can see in the photo, also very nice to take pictures. Or maybe a bit further south, to the Isle of Corsica? It has been a while since I’ve been there.

There won’t be a big motorbike tour with my buddies this year, as I simply don’t have the time to go with them on the tour they will be doing. Island… It is for sure a place on my travel list, but I just can’t afford to take three weeks in a row this year. Too bad. But there will be other occasions.

So it will be Europe, that much is sure. And as the weather is quite miserable lately, it will most likely be a place in the sun 🙂

But enough about my plans. What are yours? Anybody having inspiring ideas, maybe coupled with some photos?


Haven’t we all taken a shot like this? Specially if we like black and white photography. Stairways shot from above provide lines, structure and … boredom. Lets face it.

Anyway, lately I decided to take my Monochrom more often for a walk. After all you only take photos if you also have a camera with you . Yes, I know, we all have a cellphone and therefore alway have a camera with us but lets face it…. I prefere shooting with a “real” camera. Don’t get me wrong, you can take great pictures with a phone, but when taking pictures, it just doesn’t feel the same.

But let me get back to the shot here. The stairway is at my office and I had the Zeiss 50mm f1.5 lens on my monochrom and was just fooling around, taking random shot to get back into the practice of rangefinder photography and manual exposure when this gentleman entered the stairway and did me the favor of braking the boredom of the lines.

Not a great shot, but at least an interesting one.

Enjoy your weekend folks!

Preparing for Santa Claus

It is this time of the year again. When we rush into shops to get our christmas presents at the last minute. What a stress!

But hold on, isn’t there a simpler way? A more convinient one? One that does not involve running around like a madman?

Of course there is! All you need is to believe in Santa Claus, send your wish list to the north pole and then wait for him to drop by on Christmas Eve and deliver all the goodies.

Some people obviously do, like this chap here who illuminated a nice landing stip for Santa to land with his sleigh. Who ever you are, I envy you for not having lost your believes in wonders and miracle!

Madonna del Sasso

In 2012, I visited Locarno for the first time and then wanted to hike up to the church which is high above the town. It is called Madonna del Sasso and is part of the “Camina di Santiago”, the pilgrim way to Santiago in Spain. Unfortunately, it was closed for renovation back then and covered in scaffolds. Here’s the wikipedia article about it:

The Madonna del Sasso is a sanctuary and pilgrimage church in Orselina, above the city of Locarno in Switzerland. It is the principal sight and goal of pilgrimage in the city.
The founding of the sanctuary goes back to a vision of the Virgin Mary that the Franciscan brother Bartolomeo d’Ivrea experienced in the night of 14/15 August 1480. The interior is highly decorated, and a platform gives a magnificent view of the city.
The sanctuary is linked to Locarno city centre by the Locarno–Madonna del Sasso funicular.

So, when I decided to to on an extended photowalk last week, it was a no brainer what I wanted to visit in Locarno. it was a nice walk from the hotel. Speaking of hotel, I can really recommend touring Switzerland in November, the hotel rate was way down, I got two nights in the four star hotel Belvedere in a nice room with a lovely view for 310 Swiss Franks.

Locarno is always worth a visit, and being just a three hour drive from where I live, I guess, I’ll be back in Spring, I think it will look lovely in April or May. And I’ll have to go back anyways, as the church seems only to be open when mass is celebrated and of course I was there at the wrong time 🙂

Madonna del Sasso, a beautiful view high over Lago Maggiore. I’m quite happy with the way the lens flare worked in this picture 🙂
Entrance to the church. I don’t know why, but for some reason the view reminded me of architecture I would expect to find in Spain or Mexico

Pictures and thoughts from someone exploring photography

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