Street Zen

There are days when I go out with my camera, looking for the next great shot I want to add to my collection. I visit all the familiar or new places, eager, ready, like a predator stalking its prey. But no matter how hard I try, I’m either too slow, the scene is too far away or too close, or the light is not right or the moment is gone before I decided if it’s worth taking it. And when I press the shutter, I was just too stupid to get the focus right or the exposure is totally botched. I’m getting tense, frustrated and, with a little bit of luck, walk into a guy who gets pissed because I took a shot of his dog without asking for permission.

And then on other days, shots like this one just happen.


Usually they happen on days, when I’m just out there, walking the streets, relaxed, eyes and mind open and enjoying what I do. I’m not determined to get the next shot. I’m relaxed, taking in life on the street, without much thinking. I’m just there, doing my thing and it doesn’t really matter if I get any good shots or not.

That’s what I call Street Zen.

And now I have to learn how to get there every time I’m on the street.


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