Un cafe, per favore

Back in the days, when my parents got enough money to leave Switzerland for a vacation, they went to Italy. Of course. Where else? It was just south of the border, it was the Fifties and it was the land of wonders such as Spaghetti, Pizza and Sofia Loren.

Oh the wonders they saw there! The adventures they told me of! Trying to get the old car to cross the alps without huffing and puffing the last drops of its cooling water into the cool mountain air. And then the sea. The sea! Like a huge, blue lake with creepy creatures under the salty surface. And dangerous it was, they were told! There were pick pockets everywhere and you got the runs, if you dared to drink water from a fountain or eat ice cream, sold on the streets.

Un cafe

But thousands and thousands of tourists went there every year and inspired the locals to come north and visit us as well. And you know what? They liked it so much, they stayed! Much to the delight of the locals, as now we no longer have to cross the alps to get a nice espresso.

We just walk down the street, sit in the little caffe and …

Ey, ciao Giuseppe! Un cafe per favore!

And then, life is good again 🙂


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