Shooting in pairs

Street photography can be a scary thing. You need to go out, right into the place where the heart of the city beats and take pictures of people you don’t know. And everybody tells you go get close, closer, shoot when you see the white in their eyes!!!


So forget about your nice 300mm tele. There is no hiding behind a bush in street photography. And that’s for a good reason. Hiding behind a bush or the corner of house, aiming with your long lens at lovers or little children is a sure way to get to know your local police officer. No my friend, you really have to go out there. 90mm is the longest you can do, better 50 and if you want your name to be whispered together with the one of the big ones, everybody tells you to go for a 35mm.

You know, that “if your picture is not good enough, you’re not close enough” thing. Ahh, now you feel your heart beating, right? Now you realize you have to deal with the reaction of people if they catch you take a photo. And they will, believe me.

But there is a trick to make sure it is not you who gets beaten up (which rarely happens by the way)


Go out and shoot in pairs. Have somebody else draw the attention. And be the focus of the angry mob:)

Well, maybe not that  extreme. But why not join with others who share the same passion? You might learn one or two things, and being with like minded people always is fun. And in today’s age of the internet, finding them is easy. Just head to your favorite sozial network and do a search for street photography. 

Personally I prefere Google Plus ( ). Tons and tons of great photographers, friendly people, and guess what? These people even meet in real life, organizing photo walks all over the world. 

So, go out. Be social. Don’t be the creep with the long lens 🙂


2 thoughts on “Shooting in pairs”

    1. No, this were totally friendly people, I took this one at a Google Plus photo walk in Luzern.

      So far, nobody has ever ended up with a black eye… knock on wood 🙂

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