Photographers – a strange breed

You know, being on the road with my camera so often, it happens now and then that I stumble over other photographers. Well, or tourists with cameras, to be honest. Living near Zürich, and doing most of my photos there, you just can’t avoid them.

And over time, I noticed something peculiar. As soon as you hand a person a camera, he or she transforms into a different being. Yes you guessed right, they turn into photographers, (homo photographicus). It used to be a rare species, but lately, they seem to be flooding the street, especially the homo photographicus smartphonum. Thanks to Steve Jobs, they now are everywhere

And one thing is especially noteworthy. The way they act in order to get a picture like nobody has before. Which of course gets more and more challenging. And so they bend and twist and strike the most funny poses. I mean some of them have to hurt, don’t you think.

Of course, this never happens to me when I sling the camera strap around my shoulder. Never. Ever. No way!


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