Street Parade

You know, some people say we Swiss are rather boring and reserved. Like we don’t know how to enjoy life, how to party hard and die young. Of course, the people of Zürich don’t like to hear that. After all, they earned the title of being the biggest little city in the world and they intend to defend that.

And so, they invented the Street Parade. One of the biggest Rave / Techno party in Europe. Just to prove, we know how to party. And this year, at the 20th anniversary party, we had about 900’000 visitors.

Take that, Rio!

It’s a festival for techno fans, fancy costumes, loud music (Nznznznz anyone?) and, I admit, sometimes bad taste. Like when 15 year old girls run down the streets in garters, stockings and corset. Ugh. I mean, I’m absolutely ok with that dress code, but maybe you know, like… 3 years later?

Of course these festivals need be be kept in check, so the local police forces dress up accordingly in order to blend in. And now, this is something I totally dig.

Arrest me officer you can tell me later, what law I broke!

So, for street photographers, these type of events are pure gold. Tons of hot stuff to shoot, crazy people, and, as they are all out there to show off, nobody minds if you take pictures. Not even the lovely lady with her errm…. friend.

Peace darling!

Yes, it is not only music and dance. And so, sooner or later, its Game, I mean Party Over for some. But dont worry for them. Remember, there will be a lovely police officer taking care of them. So all will be good. Except maybe the head the morning after. Outch.

But you know which one is my favorite picture? This one. I just love that small smile on her face. Like acknowledging me taking her picture. As I said, street photographers paradise.

Sigh… I so totally forgot to ask for her number!!


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