Last bus home

It’s quite interesting to be in the city at night. It’s more quiet, toned down. (Remember, this is Zürich, not New York or Tokio). Now and then, people flow out of a club’s door, laughing, yelling or going home quietly. But other than that, it is just you and the few people who are on the street.

For a photographer it’s a fascinating setting. The one thing you rely most on, light, simply isn’t here. Or only in few places and barely enough for taking good shots. But i encourage you to go out never the less. Put a sensitive film in your camera or bump up your ISO. And just don’t be afraid of going with a low shutter speed, lower than you’re comfortable with. After all, this is night and there is really no point in trying to get the same sort of well lit, sharp shots you would get during day.

So go out and experiment. And who knows, maybe you come back with a picture, which is not picture perfect, but has some appealing charme never the less. A shot that invites the viewer to come up with a story what might have been happening here.

A story about the city at night.


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