On the run

Folks on Google Plus often tease me for shooting a manual focus camera. You know, like they hope the glacier doesn’t move too fast for me, when we did the Aletsch Glacier walk.

And that’s where zone focus comes in. This is a nifty little trick, where you set the distance before you even lift the camera to your eye. You also use a rather small aperture, usually f8 or smaller, so you get a nice deep field of focus. And then, all you need, is either to walk up to your subject or wait for your subject to come towards you.

WHOA, not so fast pal!

This works of course best with old manual lenses as they have markings for the distance as well as for the field of focus for each aperture. So all you need is a quick glance to know what your settings are. Modern autofocus lenses unfortunately don’t have these marks. But they don’t need them, as they have fast autofocus. Which usually locks on the same subject you want it to 😉

By the way, the glacier didn’t move too fast for me, and the longer the walk went, the more jealous looks my light, little camera got 😉


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