One camera, one lens, one film

You know, now and then i’m shooting other things than black and white street photography as well. And last week, I wanted to shoot the autumn colors in the Swiss mountains. Well, my first attempt was stopped by snow and so I started a second attempt two days later, hoping the snow would have melted by then and the cold would have helped the colors to reach their peak.

To make it a bit more challenging, I decided not to go digital, but to use film, only one camera and only the 50mm lens. And to really restrict myself, I took only one roll of film with me. It was quite an interesting experience, being on such limited resources. I mean, one has only 36 exposures with one roll of film (38 if you load it carefully) and if you screw up on something, you won’t find out for days. So, no trial and error this time.

And actually it is something I can really recommend to do now and then. The restrictions resulted in me thinking more before I pressed the shutter. Before I even lifted the camera to my eye, I asked myself “Is it really worth a shot? Didn’t I just take a similar shot a few minutes earlier? And if so, would this one be better?” And although I had the restriction of only having one lens with me, it was also quite liberating, not having to think which lens might work better on the scene.

Of course, there were situations where I would have wished for a wider lens. But not having a choice made me look a the scene again and a few times I found an angle or a composition that worked also well with the focal length I had with me, maybe even better than the first idea I had. And although I didn’t come back with a 5 star picture, I got 9 keepers out of that roll.

So here they are, my 3 favorites from my experiment:

Lake Davos
Majestic trees
Mountain of gold

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