Caught in the act

It simply is part of what we’re doing. That people look at us with a frown if they catch us.

What is he doing?
Is he taking a picture of me?
Do I know him?

And if you’re interested in Street Photography, you need to find your way dealing with this. You can try to be as fast as possible, being faster than your shadow. Or you use a longer focal length. Others talk to their subjects, which is a great way to avoid confrontation, but doesn’t give you spontaneous “decisive moments”.

Personally, I try to get together everything I need before I lift the camera to my eye. What is it I want to take a picture of? How should the composition be like? Can I trust my exposure meter or do I need to correct?

While doing so, I don’t really look at the people. They seem to have a 6th sense and tend to look at me if I concentrate on them too much. And then, once I’m ready or once the action I hoped for is about to unfold, I simply lift the camera, focus and – click.

And if I’m getting caught, I smile. Smile helps. Most of the time ๐Ÿ™‚


5 thoughts on “Caught in the act”

  1. It’s strange how one glance can turn an ordinary shot into something a touch sinister…. you can almost see the little daggers flying out of Grandma’s eyes….perhaps a ‘withering’ look describes it. Perfect.

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