Why you need Photoshop. Or Gimp. Or…

So I was out in town lately. In a really good mood, having my old camera with me and doing some street shots on black and white film. I had a great day and really was “in the zone” Always wanted to say that one day 😉

And then there were these 4 boys, probably coming from the local synagogue, happy to be out of school, their step having the spring and joy of youth. I saw them and for once, I knew exactly how the shot should look like. And when they passed me I turned around and – gotcha!

So, why do you need Photosho? or Gimp, or any other decent painting program?

Because, when I was back home, and developing the film, I managed to scratch almost all shot. It doesn’t really matter how, let’s just say I’m a huge klotz, ok? Really. Don’t let me do anything that requires thumbs.

When I scanned the negatives, I felt like cursing and banging my head on the table. So many good shots, all damaged beyond repair. And the four boys? Well see for yourself:

Prior to repairing in Photoshop Elements

I was lucky. Only one big scratch. Nothing one couldn’t repair with the clone tool. And that’s why you need a paint program. One day. Specially if you shoot film 🙂


6 thoughts on “Why you need Photoshop. Or Gimp. Or…”

  1. It’s true. I have scratched a few of my negatives or gotten weird residue on them which Photoshop helped me rescue. When I printed them in the darkroom I didn’t have the skill to correct (or the desire to sit around for hours spotting).

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