The fisherman

So I was at this photo walk this weekend with a couple of guys I know from Google Plus. We met in Zug, Switzerland and the plan was to do some street photography and long exposure stuff. Only that the weather was not exactly good for photography. Very low clouds, very little, low contrast light. We came to this little harbor and while the others walked on, I stayed behind, trying to get a longish exposure of the scene. Sorry, no ND filters here so… all I got was a lousy 1 second exposure, not worth to be shown. While I was trying to get my shot, this fisherman in his boat was about to leave to go fishing on the lake.


I watched him prepare his nets and decided to ask him if he would be ok if I take a couple of shots of him and his boat. He was a bit hesitant first but then agreed to it and we went on chatting a bit. While I was changing lenses to get a one or two portrait shots, he watched the ducks swimming around his boat, looking out for a one eyed duck.

Duck spotting

He started to cut a small fish into pieces and for a moment I thought he would have a snack when he started feeding the fish to the duck. And much to my surprise, they were after it like crazy. He took care that the one eyed duck got some extra fish and when he saw my surprised face, he explained that they eat basically everything and prefer fish over dry bread anytime. Which explained the well fed, fat ducks I saw earlier at the lake. So… watch out for ducks when you go for a swim at Lake Zug. They might be hungry…

We continued to chat for a while, he talking about politics, me taking two more shots, until my buddies called me on my mobile, asking if I had fallen into the lake? I guess, looking at the way he was dressed, he stayed way into the night on the lake, catching a few fishes and probably having a laugh remembering the weird city slicker who had nothing better to do than to take photos on a miserable, grey day.



So here you go. You never know when you stumble across an interesting scene, so better be ready!

Oh and – the grey heron nearby was not being fed by the old man. Guess he prefers one eyed ducks after all.



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