Best of 2012… or so

Well, the year is over and it is time to look back what has been done, isn’t it? I know it should be done before the year is really over, but hey, this is my blog, so I do it when I think of doing it 😉 Just my personal collection. I could have gone to Google Plus and have a look which ones were the 12 most liked pictures there, but I feel egocentric today and give you my favorites.

Best Animal
First prize goes to the snail for it’s firm believe that the grass is greener on the other side, and it’s determination to find out if that is true.

Best Animal 2012

Best Landscape
I’m not that much of a landscape photographer, so this might be an area of improvement. I took this shot this fall when I had taken a few days off to capture fall colors and found winter. One of the few color film shots I really like 🙂

Best Landscape 2012

Best Analog
2012 has been the year I dived into film photography, struggling with getting the colors right when scanning color negatives and still learning how to see light well when shooting black and white film. I think I won’t dive much deeper into color film, but I’ll definitely continue to learn black and white film. This one may not be a technically brilliant shot, but it gives me huge giggles.

TriX400 Zürich Vue (22)

Best Black and White
I don’t have that many shots that are basically not more than a study in black and white. Not much more to say here, other that I took it in a place where one is not suposed to take pictures – again.


Best Streetshot
This one has been a tough call, as I have tons of street photos. But I actually like this one best for how it looks in black and white, the way the lens took care of the out of focus area and I think he’s just a strong character (Although I don’t have an idea who he is)

Best street 2012


4 thoughts on “Best of 2012… or so”

    1. Thanks a lot Marie!

      These really are two shots I like very much. Guess they show why I want to master black and white film photography. I just want to get my analog ones to this level

      1. Oh, just keep it up and they will come along!
        Maybe it’s just a matter of adjusting the levels when scanning? The digitization actually affects the image a lot, and that has to be taken care of so the digital image looks like the negative. But you probably know all that….. 🙂

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