Lil bit of statistics – and a new year resolution

Well, after having shown you my few favorite shots from last year, I decided to share some statistics with you.

    • About 14’000 shots were taken last year, 12’323 of them taken with the Leica
    • 11’500 didn’t survive the first cut
    • 1’132 I gave three stars, which means I might show them sometimes on Google Plus or here
    • 35 I gave 5 starts, with other words, I’m really proud of them.    35!

Actually I don’t know what to think of this statistics. I think, it’s quite a massive number of shots that were… crap. So i guess it is a good thing, we can shoot digital in these days. It would have been quite expensive, if that learning curve would have been with film! But it is also one reason why I decided to go back to film now and then. I took fewer shots and the ration between failed ones and keepers went up.

And so I share my new year resolution with you. I want to get more reliable results. I want to get to the point, where I know a picture is worth being taken before I take the shot. It might still not be good, but at least I don’t want to look at it on my computer screen, scratching my head and wondering what I thought when I decided to take it.

At least shot 12’323 with the M9 is a keeper 🙂


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