Working hard

Garden gnomes. Sweet little things protecting the gardens of those lucky people who have retired. Always happy, always cheerful. It’s a perfect, sweet little world.

Or… is it?

Unknown to many of us, there is a dark side to the story. At night, they are forced to do hard, dirty work in the garden, fighting vermin, digging up dirt, shortly, doing all the hard work in the garden, their owners either can’t do anymore or are too lazy to do. It is dirty work, dangerous work even sometimes. For strange reasons, nobody hears their moans and cries of sorrow as they do the slave work. Yes, slavery is the only word to describe it.

Hard to believe you say?

Well, I happened to stumble on this scene lately, early in the morning on my way to work. I don’t know what he was doing so far away from his garden. But he sure looked like just having made it through one hell of a night. The encounter only lasted for a brief moment, barely enough to snap this shot and then he vanished in thin air.


Hard Work

So… have a heart and join me in my campaign.



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