A nation divided

So let’s continue with the observation of Swiss Winter, shall we? In Winter, Switzerland is quite a divided country. It is not the the famous “Röschtigraben”, the line between the french and german speaking part of Switzerland I’m talking here. This division is more of a vertical nature. Those “up there” versus those “down here”. And interestingly enough, the line that divides our country can be seen. Literaly. Just look at the sky.

So, those “up there” are those lucky people who live above the high fog ceiling we have in Winter. They enjoy blue sky, winter sun, snowy landscapes, briefly they enjoy Winter how it should be. And since the invention of smart phones (curse you, Apple!), they torture us “down here” with snapshot of Winter glory.

Us “Down here” are all who live in the cities. For us, end of October, Mother Nature tucks us in under a cold blanket of grey, depressing high fog, keeping us covered until March. Of course we know the sun is still out there, it is just, we are not allowed to see it. And when it breaks through the clouds, chances are high we are at work in the office. But every now and then, Mother Nature shows mercy and gives us a sunny day or to be more precise, some brief moments of pale sunlight.

And then, all who are out on the street stop, stop, what ever they are doing, stand still and ….


soaking in sun. Shot on Kodak Trix-400 (35 mm Gelatin Silver)


Sun Seeker 1


2 thoughts on “A nation divided”

  1. Love this! And I know the feeling, from both sides, so to speak. And if it is of any comfort to you, those bright and beautifully shiny days ain’t just glory either, hehe…. 😉 even though the images looks good…
    But the time of the year when “The Great Melancholy” rolls in over the country, well, that is heavy, and in the tiny rays of sunshine life feels good again! 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

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