A game of chess

A game of kings

Ahh Chess… the game of kings, a battle of mind, intellect and psychology. Back in the days of Cold War, nations watched their heroes locked in a struggle of will. For those at home, the future of the free world was depending on the outcome. Or of communism. As always, this was a matter of on which side of the iron curtain you happend to be.

But Cold War is over and the game of kings lost much of it’s glory. But none of it’s charm. Just go to your local park and watch two men have pawns attack a queen, the queen lure a knight into an ambush, only to have her virginity taken in a dark tower while her king, weak as he is, doesn’t dare to come to her rescue. Ok. the last bit is maybe a little exaggerated, but you get the picture.

Strangely enough, it seems it is now a game of older men (or have you ever seen a woman play chess?) who gather around the board to discuss every move as the battle unfolds and blood is shed.

Watching the battle

And for a moment, we dive back into the world when the future of our way of living was at stake as two masterminds struggled for supremacy. But then we realize the rules have changed, when one of the players flicks the cell phone from a pocket and decides to use the telephone joker before he decides on the next move.

Telephone joker

Ahh, how time has changed!


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