Showing off

So, I’m sitting in a Starbucks, having my usual stuff. Tripple grande Latte and a double chocolate muffins, if you’re interested to know what tickles my brain. Same crowd as usual, some reading a paper, some checking stuff on their phones and the usual student who’s working on some stuff on his notebook.

Short, a familiar place. Yet it feels different today. Something new has been added. For the next couple of weeks, 9 black and white photos are hanging on the wall. Nine of mine.

It is a weird feeling seeing your own stuff hanging on walls where everybody can see it. But it is weird in a good way. It is one thing to show pictures on the internet and get likes, plusses or what ever the platform offers viewers to give a thumbs up. It is a different story displaying your work in the real world, having a coffee and watch somebody look at your work.

So a big thank you to the crew at Starbucks who invited me to show my work and made this possible.

Oh, and so far I got three likes. As 20% of each sold picture go to the Kinderhaus in Thalwil, it is not only me who is very happy about this recognition 🙂




5 thoughts on “Showing off”

  1. When you see these images from a distance it’s very clear that you have created some cracking compositions. Some masterful handling of tone here as well. Congratulations.

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