Beauty queen

Some say that there is a strong connection between a dog and it’s owner, a connection that even extends to the looks and character. Remember Winston Churchill and his bulldog? Well you know, this really holds true! A while back I was sitting in a coffee shop, watching this lady and her dog. To have the dog stay on the cold hard stone floor was of course out of question, after all it probably was part of her family. And so it, or should we rather say she, got her own seat, showing off as her owner was chatting with her friend.

She had a very self confident “I know I am pretty” attitude, her hair looking as if she just paid visit to her hair dresser and the nails trimmed to a very nice shape and polished to perfection. Not to mention her outfit, which suited her just perfectly, the cleavage leading the eye to her perfect neck. Oh yes, she knew she was looking good, adding value to the shop with her mere presence and she loved every bit of attention she got.

I’m of course talking of the dog, but you knew that, didn’t you πŸ™‚



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