My first exhibition

Well, it is now two weeks, since I took the pictures off the wall. As described in an earlier post, it was a very interesting experience. I really recommend you print out the photos you’re proud of, even if you don’t display them publicly, it will look good at your walls and it will get the attention of the girl or boy you want to impress. It works definitely better than your collection of baseball trading cards, trust me 🙂

Now, as most of you live too far away to see the shots in real life, here they are. Smaller, and on a computer screen, but never the less – the result of work I’m most proud of since – a very long time.

Pendler white

Zwiegespräch white

Sehnsucht white

Schritt ins Licht white

Photographer white

Old Couple white

Gleichgewicht white

Coffee Time white

Artist white


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