Little things

Well, the plan was to go to Ukraine with two buddies and the motorbikes and have a bit of a midlife crisis adventure. So dirt track tires were mounted on the motorbike, cloths were packed, the route was loaded into the GPS and everything was ready to go.

The day before we left, I went to my local Starbucks to have a last sip of civilisation, when thing went wrong. All of a sudden I had terrible pain in my belly, like real outch. As my doctor happens to be just around the corner, I went there, only to be hooked up to some infusions and shipped to the next hospital in an ambulance where they diagnosed a kidney stone.

And so I missed the car train to Vienna the next day and was left behind, partly sad for missing the trip and partly glad the kidney stone decided to go wild while I was still in Switzerland and not on some remote dirt road in eastern Europe.

And so it came I did a short trip to Germany the next week. The weather forecast predicted cold and wet weather for the next few days and so I decided to take the car instead of the bike.

So here you go, that’s the reason why you get to see this fairy tale castle instead of nice russian churches 🙂

Neu Schwanstein


7 thoughts on “Little things”

  1. I am sad for you because ever is better travel in motorbike.
    But you are a lucky man, if the pain begins in an eastern country really you will be in more problems that if you are in home
    Anyway enjoy your new trip and show your shots for us.

    1. Thank you 🙂

      And yes, it would have been fun on the bike, but as it was raining almost all the time, I’m glad I took the car. Oh, and now we got snow down to 500m again – funny Spring here …

  2. Oh my goodness, I too am glad to hear you were in an area with immediate, qualified medical teams. I hope you’ve recovered nicely, there is always time for more adventures.

  3. Ui nein, was lese ich da?! Ein Horrormärchen, das doch noch ein Happy-End hat. Gut zu lesen, dass es dir wieder besser geht.

    Und in deinem Bild kommt unser “herrliches” Frühlingswetter auch endlich mal wunderschön zu Geltung. Well done 🙂

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