Meet the Swans

There once were two swans who were so much in love with each other, they decided to ditch the fun city life and to get a small apartment by the lake. First they couldn’t really decide where to build. Should it be on the shore by the lake? Or rather on a small island in a little bay?


As she really was a beauty, he gave in and they got this lovely place surrounded by water. The neighbors were nice (although the seagulls tended to be rather noisy when having a party). When honeymoon was over, she soon had this lovely glow on her face and soon after, she was proudly watching over two eggs.

But then the storm came. Rain was pouring from the sky and they watched how the water kept rising. Days on end it was raining until the litte eggs were about to get soaked. Day and night they were fighting the water, building the nest higher and higher. A good man as he was, he never told her that the place he wanted to build on was still dry. And how could he, after watching tears of desperation in her eyes as the water just kept rising?

Fighting the flood

When the rain finally ended, she went back sitting on her eggs. She was very quiet as she sat there day and night and when he was looking after them he felt they were strangely …. cold. He couldn’t stand the thought of her loosing them and so he went on a binge one day, pulling off a fight with an old lady who had been feeding them in the cold winter days.

SwanLady (3 of 5)

It was a rainy morning when he finally came home again, expecting her to start a serious fight or look at him silently with this sad expression, and he felt the unspoken question: “Where have you been? Why did you leave me alone? Don’t you know how scared I am?”

There she was. Looking at him. And then she smiled. His heart jumped of joy as he realized that all their efforts were not in vain. They were no longer man and wife. They were Mom and Dad.


When he saw him in the water, he smiled and new immediately how he would call him. Corky. Maybe he would hate him once turned into a beautiful white majestic swan, but for now, he was just too happy to be dad.

Proud Mom

Following Daddy



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