The elusive cat

She’s a beauty. Silky, black hair, slim figure and wiht green eyes, deep enough to get lost inside, just one gets lost in a deep, green forest. And best of all she moves elegantly like a cat. Well, that’s probably because she’s a cat. And for about two years now, she’s playing games with me.

You probably think I lost my marbles, but I’m convinced she has been a photographer in her former life. Why I think so? Because she knows exactly if I’m with camera or not and what a lens I have on it.

No camera? She lets me get real close, almost touching her, she poses, stretches, short, she does all the cute catty things.

I have a 35mm lens on the camera? She keeps her distance, about 5 meters away.

50mm lens? She stays about 7 meters from me.

She knows exactly I don’t get a decent shot if she keeps these distances! I swear she knows it!

And the other day, when I came home from taking the swan pictures, having the DSLR with the big zoom lens with me, she noticed me and was gone in a blink of an eye.

And so, after two years, that’s the best I can show of her. But one day, one day, I’ll figure out what her favorite food is. And then, then we will come to an agreement and I will finally be a full member of the internet world. After all, you’re not really recognized as a photographer on the internet until you have some cute cat photos to show, are you?

The elusive cat


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