Fisherman’s luck

I saw these guys on my hike last weekend on Oberalp pass in Switzerland. By the way, that’s the reason for no post last week. I was just too busy riding the bike, doing some hiking and enjoying the long weekend. Sorry! (sort of at least)

Anyway, I took the first train up to the pass where my hike started. I was a bit too late to get the best morning light, but the trail along the lake was very enjoyable never the less. There were quite a few fishermen there, trying their luck with catching mountain trouts. I listened to their talks as I walked by. One guy telling the other he caught 24 fish the other day, only to hear his colleague pulled out 100. Hmmmm…

So I decided to stop and watch these four guys. Who pulled out two trouts within the 5 minutes I had been watching. So maybe… who knows… 100 in a day? Well why not?




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