Never alone

Have you ever noticed how much these little things took over our life? They are with us in every wake and not so wake moment and we feel naked if we don’t have it with us and are not able to check on our friends, check in at our favorite location or check what’s going on on Facebook.

It was a quick revolution without blood being shed. First we laughed at our Italian friends who were constantly on the phone when on the street, talking to friends and family, back when the first cell phones appeared. We quickly adopted these things too, using text messages instead of talking as this didn’t allow strangers to listen into our conversations.

And then Steve came along and gave us the iPhone and boom, humanity turned into zombies, walking the streets staring down on a shining screen. I wonder if we ever will start eating brains? But maybe these devices take care of that.

Guess it makes us feel less alone, being in contact with everyone and everything all the time. And in a way we aren’t alone anymore. After all, since a few weeks we know that THEY are always there, listening and taking notes. I just hope they take good care of us. You know, like big brothers should.

Never alone


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