Magical moments

Well you know, most people consider Switzerland to be quite boring. Beautiful mountains, nice little cities and very clean streets, but also boring. And to be honest, we probably are.

That’s why it is the more exciting when a burst of extraordinarity strikes. (This is a word… is it?) I was hit by such a moment completely out of the blue when our boss invited us to come to Berne and have a look at “Rendezvous at Bundesplatz”. To be honest, I actually accepted the invitation because we would then meet at his place to have some cheese fondue. mmmmm….

Asking what this is about, he said “It’s a light show, they project pictures on the house of parlament. It is actually quite nice.”

Well, this was probably the understatement of the week. It’s extraordinaire. Stunning. A fairy tale is told with light and music. I actually don’t remember what it is about, because I stood there, mouth open, a victim of total visually sensor overload.

I remembered to take pictures now and then, but they are only a very weak representation what happened there.

If you happen to be in Berne in the month of November, go there. They show it twice each evening at 7 PM and 8:30 and entrance is free.
If you can’t go there and want to see it in motion, it will most likely be on YouTube, just search for “Rendevous Bundesplatz 2013”






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