The art of taking selfies

Let’s admit it. We have all done it. As soon as cell phones with front facing cameras were available. For some, it is a guilty pleasure, shots they never publish or show anybody. For others its is a form of art.

On my trip to the states I noticed so many people doing it, I decided to share some observations with you. And who knows, maybe the way you take selfies says something about your personality?

The hero type

He places himself into a dangerous situation and then takes the shot. Like right at the border of Grand Canyon, with nothing but the deep abyss behind him. Of course it helps that noboy can see the railing he’s leaning on…


The romantic selfie

These are just so sweet to watch. Cuddling in front fo the little screen. Awwwwww….. That’s a shot to be put on the Facebook page, that’s for sure!
Just next time…. get her something to stand on, ok?


The photographer

These of course do it with style. First, they care about the background, then good light, and then plonk the camera on the trypod for that perfect framing.
And then she will probably work on that skin tone in photoshop when back home 🙂


Of course, this can be combined with the romantic type selfie if you invite your significant other to step into the frame!


And then there is that last version of a selfie, the one you give your camera to somebody who looks like he could take a decent photo and ask “Would you mind to….”
Although… That’s not really a selfie, is it?



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