Photokram by Thomas Schaller

Let me introduce you to a rare, endangered species. It roamed the photographic world since mankind began to capture light in dark boxes, but has now been pushed to the brink of vanishing in the mists of past by the digital age.

May I present: The Analog Photographer

This one is a specially rare breed, as he is not only taking pictures on film but also takes the time to print them in a dark room. Which of course you won’t be able to estimate on a blog. Bummer.

Among normal 35mm film experiments he also does pinhole photography and medium format. And I’m pretty sure he’ll dive into large format too in the near future.

And of course, he’s owning a digital camera as well. After all… maybe the pure breed analog photographer is vanishing in the mist of time after all?

Although the blog is written in german, head over, it’s well worth it. Pictures are universal after all!


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