A great Wildlife Photographer

I have to give credit to Google Plus, as it got me in touch with quite a few outstanding photographers. The one I want to present you today is Anette Mossbacher, a very dedicated wildlife photographer.

She is doing what I dreamed of doing when I was a little child, she ventures to places I yet have to visit and takes stunning pictures of wildlife and the places it lives in. Not to mention she is a great sport and fun person to hang out with.

So, if you like really stunning photos of nature and care about the environment as much as you should, I highly recomend you visit and subscribe to her blog.

Seriously. And to keep you from getting lost, you’ll find her blog here

Oh, and I love her last article about polar bears!



4 thoughts on “A great Wildlife Photographer”

  1. Finally I was able to sign in to leave a comment!! Javascript always forbid me to do so. Thanks so much Philipp for this great post of me. Love it :))
    See you when we go on search for Murmeltiere :))


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