First Light of 2014

So it’s the new year. Hurray!

My inner clock woke me up at 5:45, thinking, as it is Wednesday I should get up and to work. (Curse you bio clock thingy, I have a week off!) Oh well, on my way back to bed after having done some unmentionable things, I looked out of the window and noticed it could actually turn out to be a nice sunrise.

So I took a shower, (a long one) grabbed my camera bag, grabbed the Leica as well (as I prefere it for long exposures) and left the house.  A few steps later I met an icy stair and fell head over heal into 2014. (The  Leica took it well thanks,  the part of my body that landed on the german tank looks worse).

Anyway, I took a nice, now slow and careful walk in the freezing rain to the lake and took this shot for you. As you see, no sacrifice too high for you!

And with these words, Happy New Year and enjoy the slippery 2014!


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