Back to the roots

It has been a while since I posted shots from the street, hasn’t it? Did you miss it?

Ah, you’re too kind! And I have to say, it still is nice to walk the street with a camera, looking around and taking shots of things that catch my eye. To go to places I have not been for a while and have another look. Going back to the roots is an interesting way to look back, as it allows to have a look at your progression.

I realize I take shots differently now, at a slower place. I even work the scene now, taking several shots.  For once the shots were about the city itself, not people on the street. I guess that’s the influence of all the landscape photography I did last year. After all, isn’t a city simply another landscape, one that is made by men?

I think I might explore the city again a bit.

Prime TowerPrime Tower in Zürich. Finally found a way to shoot it without looking completly boring.

Prime TowerPrime Tower and its reflection. hmmm…. Still a boring building

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe city is changing. To the better? May be, but it is definitely less colorful.

Resistance is futileSome places try to resist change while new buildings are reaching for the sky to the left and right. But… can one resist change?



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