As much as some of us like Winter, I think it is safe to say that we all love it when Spring comes back. The dark long nights are coming to an end, colors are coming back into our life and, in general, we just feel happier again.

But how do we know Spring is coming? We could of course  check our calendar, but that’s just lame. There are some universal signs. Let me show you mines.

The annual bike show

Yes, it is always at the end of winter.  And it also marks the time in the year when men feeling their mid life crisis start to think about doing wild things. Like buying a Harley. But thats a different story.

Men considering buying a bike
Men considering buying a bike

Street Caffees

We all like to start the day with a nice coffee and our favorite news paper.  And there can be no argument that Winter is over when people do this outside. They might catching a cold doing this, but again, that’s a different story.

Reading the news in the sun
Reading the news in the sun

Easter Bunny

The classic fight between Winter and Spring, Easter Bunny versus snow. Usually the bunny wins, only to be … uhmm…
Can we agree that this is a different story?

Easter Bunny
Easter Bunny


Well, that’s the obvious sign. Flowers everywhere, screaming “Spring is here” and throwing pollen at everybody who happens to have allergies.  And no, that’s not another story. This would then be another sure sign that winter is over and Spring is here.  🙂

Making me sneeze
Making me sneeze






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