Is it art?

Art…  No matter what it is about, when you look at it, you either love it or hate it. Or even worse, you look at it and go “Meh”, you couldn’t care less.

Well, “Meh” definitely won’t happen with this piece of art the city of Zürich got itself here. For once, it’s simply too big to be over looked. It is – a huge, massive, rusty crane.

When I first heard about the project, I was surprised and like a lot of people had my doubts. After all… It won’t come cheap, an old crane isn’t really a piece of beauty and it definitely isn’t art.

But coming from Rostock, a big harbor,  it is a symbol for one longing everybody in Switzerland has, a symbol for the one thing this beautiful little country is missing. There is no sea at our borders. And god, do we love to be at the sea! This endless horizon. That smell.  And the ships vanishing in the distance…

And now it is here.  A little, well, not so little symbol of our desire. It is bit, it is rusty, it is ugly but you know what?

I kinda like it 🙂

Waiting for big ships
Waiting for big ships
It's really too big to be ignored :)
It’s really too big to be ignored 🙂



2 thoughts on “Is it art?”

  1. ein nicht kleiner, dafür umso rostigerer Trost für das Fehlen des weiten Horizontes:-) So ein tolles Containerschiff würde auch grad die ganze Limmat ausfüllen. Immerhin: es gibt selbst am Zürichsee Möven…

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