The art of packing

Who doesn’t like to go to a vacation? Leaving home, visiting new places, meet new people and just having a good time. We all love it, don’t we?

But we always have to face the same dilemma: What do we bring along and what does stay at home? And so the suitcases get filled to the brim and one of them turns into two, then two and a small one …

I now do journeys on the motorbike for 27 years. And I remember the first time I packed for two weeks to France. Two side cases, a huge top case and a duffle bag. The bike handled like a bitch. Over the years, it got fewer and fewer and now, every thing fits into one bag.

Now, to be honest, being a man helps, as we get along with one pair of  jeans, two sweatshirts and a couple of t-shirts. I also recommend high tech underwear and socks, you know the stuff you can wash in the evening and that dries over night so you can wear it again the next day. Talking of underwear: I’m sure you have socks and undies you are about to throw away right? Take them with you and throw them away in the hotel. It’s always nice to get lighter as you travel along 🙂

For the next journey, it is this bag and two basically empty side cases on the bike. One case is for storing the helmet when I visit a place and for the camera bag should I get into heavy rain. The other one is for a second pair of gloves, a bottle of oil, tripod and souvenirs. And it is basically the same for a one week trip, or three week like now.

Oh, and get one of these magical bottomless bags. They are really useful 🙂

Mary Poppins would have been proud of me

Mary Poppins would have been proud of me


4 thoughts on “The art of packing”

  1. I agree – being a man helps! I’m a really light packer and even then I struggle with trying to fit everything into one bag. Survived 3 months in South America with 18 kgs, 6kgs of which was laptop, tripod, lenses and cameras, and was unbelievably proud of myself!

    1. Well done 🙂 yes, in these days, technology often is the heaviest part of the equipment 🙂 But on the motorbike, weight is less an issue than volume and space …

  2. I’m always trying to pack as light as possible. It’s crazy how much space and weight one can save with the new hi-tech stuff. A good source for informations is the ultra light backpacking scene.
    Have a nice trip!

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