First step: crossing France

France…. you realize how big it is when you have to cross it in order to get to the Channel which separates it from England.  I decided not to use highways on this trip and so it took me a little bit more than two days to get to the channel.

The first day was a lovely drive to the place where my sister lives who welcomed me with open arms and a lovely dinner. She’s really a good cook, I assume living in France for such a long time has it’s side effects. Thank you very much!

Next day I headed north, to visit the cathedral of Reims. Really a marvelous piece of architecture and one could probably spend a day looking at all the details and figurines. It was there I realized I probably don’t have a wide enough lens for the trip. These things are huge!

Architecture in perfection
Architecture in perfection
City of Reims
City of Reims

Venturing further towards the channel, England decided to send a little welcome delegation for me. I saw it from the distance, an impressive sight of english weather and after taking a photo I shrugged my shoulders and soldiered on. After all I was only about half an hour away from St. Omer

The english weather welcomes me in France
The english weather welcomes me in France

St. Omer is a lovely town and I found a cheap hotel close to the city center. So I grabbed my umbrella and left the hotel on the hunt for dinner.  While waiting for the main course I looked out of the window, grabbed my camera and ran out side. The waiter probably thought I’m about to run without paying the bill,  but hey, one never knows how long light like this will last!

Perfect reason to interrupt a dinner
Perfect reason to interrupt a dinner

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