Sunsets in black and white?!

“I’m gonna shoot a sunset in black and white”

“You’re gonna do what?!”

Yeah, I know, sunsets are not a typical subject for black and white photography. And neither am I too fond of climbing up on high towers. Not that I would be afraid of heights. Not me, now way. I just don’t like these stairs, Ok? Can we please change topic?

Thank you.

So, shooting sunset’s in black and white is a rather pointless thing one might think. After all, sunsets are all about these beautiful colors, fireworks in the sky, and a good sunset looks like a LSD trip. Not that I would know how THAT looks like, trust me. That’s the reason why I didn’t bring the Monochrom with me when I went to the Albis Pass a couple of weeks ago to look if I could get a nice sunset.

So I hiked to the tower and climbed it. When I was on top, I realized it would be dark once I had to climb down. I checked in my camera bag and guess who forgot the flashlight at home? Right . I know, the best way to get rid of your fears is to face them, but that was getting ridiculous. I mean, hypothetically. Not that I would be afraid of heights. But we’ve been there, so lets continue, shall we?

The evening was rather cold and the despite the few clouds that were there, the sky didn’t light up as much as I hoped. The view from the tower is actually quite nice, but to my disappointment, isn’t ideal for sunset photos as there is not really a good foreground to the west. It might be a better location for sunrise in winter when the sun will rise at the far end of lake Zurich.

South of the pass is a small lake, Lake Aegeri if I’m not mistaken.  On a clear day, you can have a lovely view of the mountains surrounding Lucerne just behind that small lake. Waiting for the sun to get lower, I enjoyed the view in the company of two puppets somebody had left on the tower. You know, I’m really not afraid of heights, its just the stairs leading up I don’t dig. For a few minutes, the low sun created some faint god rays that were barely visible but I took a shot, hoping I would be able to intensify them a bit in postprocessing.

Turns out, you actually can shoot sunsets in black and white 🙂

Sunset in black and white? Sure, why not
Sunset in black and white? Sure, why not
Little puppets keeping me company. Isn't it a lovely hug? :)
Little puppets keeping me company. Isn’t it a lovely hug? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Sunsets in black and white?!”

  1. If you hadn’t told me I would not have guessed this was ‘sunset’, although judging by the angle of the rays it is clear that the sun was low in the sky. It’s an image with tons of drama and it works!

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