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It has been an interesting journey so far.

In 2010,  as I travelled to Yellowstone Park, I woke up an old hobby from its 30 year long sleep and got myself a decent digital camera.  Quickly, the old fascination came back and got a lot of support from a lot of nice people I got in touch with on Google+.

2012 I concentrated on street photography and started this blog (hence it’s name). Street photography helped a lot to kickstart my skills,  helping me to see a scene quicker,  and to start learning what works in my photos and what is a scene not even worth lifting the camera to my eye.

2013 was the year of landscape photography, a topic I enjoy greatly and teaching me a lot about light and how to use it. Although I admit, I still struggle with the early hours of sunrise…

2014? We’ll see on what I concentrate then 🙂

My other passion is about traveling with the bike, more about this can be found here


10 thoughts on “About”

  1. Regret been busy recently and have only just caught up with you after you dropped-by my blog some while ago. So glad I visited. This is most interesting…love your writing…very breezy and chatty style and the pics are splendid…and will now be back because I am following you Phillipp……and now I know where Thalwil is as well…. beautiful.

  2. Dear Philipp, I would like to use one of your photos for an interior design project – it would be a framed photo for a conference room of a human resources consulting firm in Zurich. Could you let me know what your terms would be to allow me to use a digital copy of the file for the print out?
    Thank you in advance

    1. HI Catherine,
      Thank you for wanting oneof my photos for your project!
      Please let me know which photo caught your interest and I’ll let you know.

      Kind regards.
      Philipp Weimer

    1. Sehr geehrter Frau Rebihi,


      Das Bild kann ich Ihnen problemlos zur Verfügung stellen, nachdem ich es nochmals bezüglich Druckqualität überprüft habe. Ich nehme an, dass Sie das Bild drucken lassen, wissen Sie schon, wie gross es gedruckt werden soll?


      Bitte lassen Sie mir doch Ihre Emailadresse anphilipp.weimer@gmail.com zukommen, dann können wir weitere Details per Email besprechen.

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