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Meet Jack

I call him Jack Sparrow. I hope Disney doesn’t mind me using the name, but hey, he’s just that, a sparrow, so I think it will be ok.

So a few days ago, I had some bread left over and decided to put a slice of it on the balcony, just to see what happens. And well, the next day it was gone! I did it again, and every time, it was gone, but i had no clue who it was.

So I decided to lure them with some healthy flakes and see if I can take pictures of them. And hey, it’s a whole family :). I guess I’ll continue to feed them now and then because the are …

Awwww… aren’t they cute?!

Checking for his family if it's safe
Checking for his family if it’s safe
We have to work on the table manners
We have to work on the table manners
Meet Jack's wife, checking if it's safe to bring the kids along
Meet Jack’s wife, checking if it’s safe to bring the kids along
And the family
And the family arrives!
The laziest kid in the world!
The laziest kid in the world! Sitting in the food and too lazy to pick it up….

My Life as a cow

I don’t know about you, but I, I sometimes think it would be quite nice to live as a cow on a mountain meadow. Loads of fresh air, tasty alpine herbs as far as you can see and all you have to do is… well, basically be there. In the morning you get up, walk around and chomp grass and herbs and when you’re done, you lay down, digest and should you get hungry, you get up and walk to the next patch of grass. Ah, what a great life this would be!

But there is always a downsize, isn’t it? Yes. You got it.


GET OFF MY FACE YOU %&#@#!!!!!!!

The elusive cat

She’s a beauty. Silky, black hair, slim figure and wiht green eyes, deep enough to get lost inside, just one gets lost in a deep, green forest. And best of all she moves elegantly like a cat. Well, that’s probably because she’s a cat. And for about two years now, she’s playing games with me.

You probably think I lost my marbles, but I’m convinced she has been a photographer in her former life. Why I think so? Because she knows exactly if I’m with camera or not and what a lens I have on it.

No camera? She lets me get real close, almost touching her, she poses, stretches, short, she does all the cute catty things.

I have a 35mm lens on the camera? She keeps her distance, about 5 meters away.

50mm lens? She stays about 7 meters from me.

She knows exactly I don’t get a decent shot if she keeps these distances! I swear she knows it!

And the other day, when I came home from taking the swan pictures, having the DSLR with the big zoom lens with me, she noticed me and was gone in a blink of an eye.

And so, after two years, that’s the best I can show of her. But one day, one day, I’ll figure out what her favorite food is. And then, then we will come to an agreement and I will finally be a full member of the internet world. After all, you’re not really recognized as a photographer on the internet until you have some cute cat photos to show, are you?

The elusive cat

The snail that was too fast for me

I don’t know if you have read Michael Ende’s Neverending Story (Die unendliche Geschichte). One of the characters in the book is a so called racing snail. Which is basically a really really fast huge snail.

I’ve always thought, these snails are just fiction, something Michael made up as it is good fun to imagine a snail that’s faster than a racing horse. Well, until I met one of it’s smaller siblings yesterday on my way to work.

It was a beauty, lit by morning light. I lifted my camera, had the autofocus to lock on the eyes and just when I pressed the shutter it – moved. So now you know why the eyes are out of focus.

Or I’m just too stupid to operate autofocus correctly, you decide 🙂

Race Snail

Oh, and if you have not read the book, I really highly recommend it!