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Winter is here

I know, you didn’t find a new post when you visited this place last weekend.  But you know, I just didn’t have time to do a post, as we got snow!!!!!!!!

It wasn’t massive, but enough to make me grab my old M3, load a roll of film and put on my snow shoes.  And as it was a saturday and everybody is lazy, I even  managed to be the first one on the trail and lay some fresh tracks. Oh joy, oh joy 🙂

As much as I hate Winter down here where I live my every day life, as much I adore it up in the mountains with fresh snow.  It just looks so pretty, is so quiet and brings back all these cool childhood memories of playing in that white fluffy stuff.

And here you go, that’s the reason why I failed to do a post last weekend.  I know I should feel a bit sorry but you know what?

I don’t 🙂

Oh, and there is no before / after this time.  This is film – it just looks good, no post work needed 😉

TX400_Verschiedenes_VS Scan-140126-0023

TX400_Verschiedenes_VS Scan-140126-0024

TX400_Verschiedenes_VS Scan-140126-0026