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Location Scouting @ Horgen, Switzerland

I guess it’s about time I post again… I decided to dig deeper into landscape photography for a while.

I found this spot on a walk with the dog. It’s located near Horgen at the Lake Zurich. I was fascinated by the shape of the gnarly tree and I think it is definitely worth coming back. The sun should be in the back at the evening and if the air is clear, one should be able to see the mountains in the background that are now hidden in the low clouds.

I hope the fallen branch that was torn off during the recent winter storm will still be there., as it really adds to the scene. Oh, and if it would have blossoms in Spring I would love the scene even more!

Gnarly tree @ Horgen

Die Stelle sollte Abendsonne haben und bei klarem Wetter sieht man die Berge. Ob der Baum auch noch blüht? Das wäre natürlich auch noch ein Bonus…