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Preparing for Santa Claus

It is this time of the year again. When we rush into shops to get our christmas presents at the last minute. What a stress!

But hold on, isn’t there a simpler way? A more convinient one? One that does not involve running around like a madman?

Of course there is! All you need is to believe in Santa Claus, send your wish list to the north pole and then wait for him to drop by on Christmas Eve and deliver all the goodies.

Some people obviously do, like this chap here who illuminated a nice landing stip for Santa to land with his sleigh. Who ever you are, I envy you for not having lost your believes in wonders and miracle!


Christmas lights

Ahh Christmas time. The sound of bells, pretty lights, White Christmas being played in the radio… Is there a better time in the year?

Not if you’re a kid. This is the time where you write down your wishlist and send it on it’s way to the north pole, so that Santa Claus knows what to push down the chimney. And you hope he get’s it right this year, as you really can’t remember having asked for that hand knitted pullover.

Not so much if you’re not a kid and you still haven’t done your christmas shopping yet. As you, you know it’s not Santa who gets all the presents, oh no. Santa does not have to go to town and fight with other parents over that last Playstation 4. That’s you. And you can hardly wait to start with christmas shopping.

And so I decided to help you. Just look at these Christmas lights. Aren’t they pretty? Don’t you want to go to town and look at them? And maybe get some nice, hot spiced tea? And while you’re there, why don’t you go into this lovely store and get those presents?

Just don’t knit another pullover for little Timmy. He… he really is not appreciating it.