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Be a tourist

It’s weird how we take things for granted. They just have been here all the time, as long as we remember and we walk by without paying attention. We so easily forget, that for somebody else, what we treat as normal and bland might well be a ting of beauty, maybe even borderline miraculous.

It is now holiday season and yesterday I took the motorbike and drove into the alps. And it was there, descending from the Susten Pass, where I met this couple. Simply standing there, admiring the view for what seemed to be an eternity. They didn’t talk, they just stood there, without talking. The car next to them had a Netherlands license plate and I smiled remembering that the highest “mountain” there is about 100 feet or so.

I tried to imagine how it must be for them, standing there, looking at mountains higher than everything they probably ever imagined. I admit, I put the camera down for a minute as well, it was quite an intense experiment.

You know, we all should look at our every day world with a tourist’s eye now and then. We really should. As Louis Armstrong said, it really is a wonderful world after all.


Streetphotography gone wrong – Patience

Ahh, Streetphotography.

The crown of photography! The rush, the excitement! You will only get the decisive moment if you’re fast, know your camera, react quickly and, within a blink of an eye are able to decide for an aperture, set focus, frame and take the shot. Lighting fast reflexes, your heart beating like crazy as you’re up there, close and personal with your subject. sounds dramatic, doesn’t it? 😉

All of that was in this scene. I saw the couple, moved into position. A bus moved between them and me and I used it as a shield to peek through the passing windows, set focus and decide for composition (hoping they would not move). And as it had passed, I pressed the shutter and knew I had a picture that would be able to tell a story.

Back at my place, I developed the film and hung it to dry. And then I moved it before it had completely dried and the catastrophe happend – a still moist bit of film touched a surface. The decisive moment – ruined.

And here you go. Lesson to be learned? Patience. Good things come to those who can wait 🙂