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A Dutch who felt in love with mountains

Imagine growing up in a land where the highest mountain is  – a hill. A small one. A country, where a substantial part of it is actually below sea level. You grew up being used that your view ends at the horizon, the place where the sea meets the sky.

Now imagine you come to Switzerland. You’ll probably sum up that experience with one word. Mountains. With capital M.  You are either terrified and drive your campervan at 10 mph over the passes. Or you fall in love.

Meet Johan Peijnenburg. He did fall in love. And he is also quite a good landscape photographer. So if this is your cup of tea, head over to his site Nio Photography.  Just have a look at his photos and you will know why he is “The Dutch who felt in love with mountains”

And if you want to, you can also follow him on Google Plus