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Tranquility. Relaxation. Meditation.

No matter how you call it, if you would ask somebody what is essential, when you try to achieve it, most would probably say that you need to be at a quiet place, so you can listen into yourself. And you would probably be  right about it. Silence does help, when you try to relax and be one with yourself.

However, I found something else that helps me to calm my mind. It’s water. It doesn’t matter if it is the sound of water dripping from leaves, the sound of waves at a beach or the murmuring sound of a little river. I simply sit down, listen to it and feelhow my breath and heart are slowing down. It’s almost like magic. and I love it☺

And so it is probably not surprising, that I sometimes like to take long exposure shots, as it almost always involves water and time. Loug exposure photography is a very slow process after all.

The shot abovehas been taken at the Foroglio watefall in Switzerland on a very cold morning. But despite the cold it was a very pleasant, relaxating experience.



There are these days when I wakes up and just feel… grey.

It’s still dark in the room and I wonder why I feel that way. So grey and bland. And then I finally get up, almost more tired than when I went to bed and have a look out of the window and I know why I feel that way.

It’s another rainy day.  I don’t know, but I imagined July to look different 🙂

another grey, rainy morning
another grey, rainy morning

A year in the making

Some shots just take a bit longer.  Long exposure shots are some of them. Usually they are taken using exposures of several seconds or minutes. Other take longer, much longer. Just like this one.

About a year ago, I got myself my first ND filters to be able to do long exposures. I always loved these black and white, minimalistic shots, specially those of Athena Carey. Shots of calm, milk like water and a horizon that vanishes into nothingness.

Not that simple to achieve, if you live at a lake and your horizon is the other side of the lake.  While we often have low cloud ceilings in winter, it is not so often, that thick fog is covering  the lake.  So I had to wait for the right moment. And wait. And then wait some more.

Last week circumstances were finally right and I got the shot I had in my mind for more than a year.

So, probably a record setting long exposure, as shot that took over a year to be made 😉



Behind the scene

It is basically a simple long exposure, using a 6 and a 3 stop ND filter to get the exposure to about 45 seconds. Post processing was minimal, just cloned the fisherman out of the picture, cropped it and converted to black and white using a green filter in Nik SilverEfex


First light of a new year

You know, sometimes I could curse technology. Like, when my alarm clock, that is programmed to wake me up at 5:45 on a Tuesday does so on January 1. I mean, it wasn’t a gentle “Happy new year” it threw at me. So I turned, tried to sleep again and felt a bit of a new year hangover creeping up.

After a while, not being able to fall asleep again, I got up, looked up the lake and noticed a promising glow. And thought a lil bit of fresh air might help fight my hangover. And so I got up, grabbed a camera, tripod and and went to the lake. Of course, I wasn’t dressed appropriately and was freezing my butt off while watching the show.

First light of 2013
First light of 2013

And so, with the first light of the year, happy new year to my dear reader, may it bring you laughter, joy and good light 🙂

Technical stuff: I took 5 exposures and blended them then in Photoshop Elements using layer masks, some green tea and a yoghurt. And no, the last two things are not Photoshop filters 😉