Where the Magna Carta rests

In my last post i promised you a look at the Salisbury cathedral, which I couldn’t visit as it was already closed.

Well, the next day welcomed me with a healthy dose of english rain and so I decided after a wonderful breakfast at the B&B to treat myself with some culture and visit the cathedral. I was there shortly after it opened and was again pleasantly surprised that the guides were totally easy with me taking photos.

A church wtih pool!
A church wtih pool!
Petrified forest
Petrified forest

If you go there to take photos, take your tripod with you and arrive early in the morning, I think if you ask kindly and there are not many people, they will even let you use it. Oh and make sure to take a wide lens with you. 35mm definitely was not wide enough .

As impressive it is even today, just imagine how mindbogling this cathedral must have been centuries ago, when all the surrounding buildings were much smaller. No question who had power. The church and the bloke in the big castle in the center.

Thats some city planning!
Thats some city planning!

If you’re interested in history and want to have a look at the Magna Carta, come to this place where you’ll find one of the four remainging original copies. I wish I could show it but the room it is in was the only place I was not allowed to take pictures in, sorry.

When I finally left the place quite a bit later, the rain actually had ended and I continued the journey along the coast until I arrived at Swanage. Which is a lovely little place and when I was down at the harbour in the evening, I finally had the feeling of having arrived.

This was exactly how I imagined it would be when I planned the journey. Now, the vacation really had started.

Arrvied at the sea
Arrvied at the sea

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